10 Cliché-Free Fourth of July Outfits You Will Wear Again

Get ready to see a whole lot of red, white and blue. We’re betting you’ll also see some stars and stripes since the Fourth of July is almost upon us. While some firework displays may still be scrapped due to the ongoing health crisis, you can and should still celebrate in style. (We’re not counting all the fireworks being set off every single night.) And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with busting out your Old Navy flag tee and calling it a (holi)day, we’d like to present you with some fashion-forward alternatives.

Yes, you can actually represent the good ol’ USA without looking like you wrapped yourself in Old Glory. The key is to pick pieces in patriotic colorways, just in subtler doses. Stripes are also welcome as long as they aren’t accompanied by white stars set against a blue background. The goal is to put together an outfit that marks our nation’s birthday, but you could also rock any other day of the year. Makes sense since so many of us are strapped for cash these days.

Celebrate in style with 10 fashion girl-approved looks featuring separates you can easily work into your wardrobe year-round. Hey, you can even wear these entire outfits again throughout 2022 and even into 2023.

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